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Mariela Shaker Sheridan Event

An Easy Read on a Tragic Crisis…Syria

7 years ago I remember watching news outlets carrying stories about the growing unrest in North Africa.  These protests and uprisings became known as the “Arab Spring” and sparked regime changes for many countries in the region.  For other countries, it meant the beginning of years of hardship and conflict. While it would take a […]

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Betzler Family

Chasing dreams in 2018!

Hello 2018! I love January.  (ok – so maybe it’s already February but I started this post last month!).  January is my favorite month – partly because it is my birthday month, partly because I love reflecting and planning.  Mainly I love it because it is my month of dreaming about what is possible for […]

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Colin and Emily hanging out at the 2nd Story Goods shop in Gonaives Haiti in spring of 2017.

Bought Beautifully is Plus One

Hi there – I’m Colin Betzler, co-founder of Bought Beautifully, and as of September, the newest official member of the BB team.  I know this announcement is likely old news for many of you (yawn), but for those not be tuned-in to Facebook or Instagram or maybe just interested in learning more, this letter is […]

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Amazon Vs. Bought Beautifully…why?

Bought Beautifully Wrestles the Amazonian Giant We love the “why” questions  because they help us improve here at Bought Beautifully. When we hear questions like ‘why should I buy @ Bought Beautifully instead of @ Amazon’, it gives us the opportunity to  better articulate what sets Bought Beautifully apart as a marketplace.   We are […]

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Beautiful Stories – Haiti

This past May, several of us with BB traveled to Haiti. Among our main goals were to meet our Haitian partners, see the impact of their ministries, and experience the beautiful country they call home.  We wanted to encourage their hard work and creative energy while learning how we could better represent their products and […]

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