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What She Wore Wednesday :)

It’s Wednesday again and time to share some Bought.Beautifully style!! We have a special guest feature this week, another outfit from my little sister Britt! Isn’t she lovely? I know I am biased but look at her. Just LOVELY! So what did she wear this Wednesday? Well let me tell you. The items that we […]

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What She Wore Wednesday – Sak Saum

Do you know a young girl who loves to shop? Help her experience a different kind of shopping, a kind that will make her feel beautiful on the inside and on the outside. It is with great pleasure that I get to share a post today featuring my friend Rebekah.  I have known Rebekah as […]

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Sock it to me – Fair Trade Socks

I have few confessions to make: First, my son has cankles. Well, he really doesn’t have cankles but when I take his socks off at night, it sure looks like he does. Second confession, It’s not his fault or even his gene’s fault.  It is his mama’s fault :/  She has been cramming his feet […]

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What She Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and time to share some Bought.Beautifully style! To expand our style horizons I convinced my little sister Britt to participate and share with us what she is wearing today.  And let me just say it looks good!  But the best part is that her outfit does good too! Sounds like the perfect way […]

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What I Wore Wednesday

Ummmm, can you say AWKWARD? I can.  Sorry these pictures are a little awkward, this is not my thing.  BUT I figured what an awesome way to share the blog and more importantly some great products that are making positive impacts! (Just a word of warning to my friends – I might start chasing you […]

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By Her Sewing Machine (Ellie Van Houtte) / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 I can’t stop thinking about the recent garment factory collapse in Bangledesh.  Simply devastating.  It is crushing on so many levels and for so many reasons.  Devastating on a physical level with the crumbling of a building in a community that doesn’t have the […]

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Do you have the time?

I DO!!! AND I would love it if you asked me so I could show off my new watch from Sak Saum!  Isn’t it awesome? I had been wanting a wrap watch for some time and had been eying these beauties but they were all expensive and didn’t align with our shopping values. Wrap watches  […]

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Shoes for the soul

I just got a Birthday present in the mail!!! Yay!  And yes, I am still celebrating in March (my Birthday is in January) but I see no reason why I can’t celebrate for 3 months 🙂 Everyday is a gift worth celebrating right? I highly recommend extending your Birthday to birth-month or months, especially if […]

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What is Bought.Beautifully??

What is Bought.Beautifully? That’s a great question.  Bought.Beauifully is a blog that exists to help people find beautiful products that give glory to God.  The story behind it is rather long, years in the making actually!  But, ultimately, it is a part of our response to following God and His call to us in Micah […]

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