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Do you have the time?

I DO!!! AND I would love it if you asked me so I could show off my new watch from Sak Saum!  Isn’t it awesome? I had been wanting a wrap watch for some time and had been eying these beauties but they were all expensive and didn’t align with our shopping values. Wrap watches  […]

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Shoes for the soul

I just got a Birthday present in the mail!!! Yay!  And yes, I am still celebrating in March (my Birthday is in January) but I see no reason why I can’t celebrate for 3 months 🙂 Everyday is a gift worth celebrating right? I highly recommend extending your Birthday to birth-month or months, especially if […]

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What is Bought.Beautifully??

What is Bought.Beautifully? That’s a great question.  Bought.Beauifully is a blog that exists to help people find beautiful products that give glory to God.  The story behind it is rather long, years in the making actually!  But, ultimately, it is a part of our response to following God and His call to us in Micah […]

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