Friday Favorites, Fair Trade (and beyond!!)

by Emily Betzler September 25, 2014

Favorite Fall Footwear:  Teysha Boots. Wow! Hand made, high quality, fair wages meets high fashion = love!!! The best part is you can design your own. c09318f5db1ffc7521a1531d4f88c434   Favorite creation: Amazima's new earrings. Great Earrings, great story. DSC_2816

Favorite (almost) release: Glorify Apparel's behind the scenes glimpse into the new FALL line


 Favorite warm drink: Celestial Teas new organic and Fair Trade certified teas - YUMMMMM! Unfortunately, these are only available at Whole Foods, but if you live near one, get yours soon. CS_Tea_Photo_for_blog

Emily Betzler
Emily Betzler


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