More than $1 today?

by Emily Betzler June 24, 2014

Hello friends and Happy Monday.  It almost wasn't a happy one for me.  When I opened my eyes this morning I was greeted by piles of un-folded laundry staring at me from the foot of the bed, a desk of un-finished projects calling my name and two sweet bright-eyed children who were ready to go an hour too early. I started the day a bit crabby; I had so many things that I wanted to do and not enough time to do them all.  And then the image below flashed into my mind - reminding me of this article that I read over the weekend about poverty.


How do I forget so easily?

These things that I let frustrate me are the non-essentials of life, the extra stuff that should add to my life, not take away from it.  I have more than my fair share of them, so much more, that I can let my clean clothes be an annoyance. Seriously? Yet, almost every single day, I take the essentials of life : food, shelter, safety, for granted.  Meanwhile -

Over ONE BILLION people live on a dollar a day.

That's one billion of my brothers and sisters! They are hungry, thirsty, sick, and at risk.  They live on a dollar a day...and I get frustrated because I didn't get all my DIY-projects done over the weekend?  YUCK.

I am so ready for a PERMANENT perspective shift.

PerscpectiveI don't want another day to go by that I am not aware, in awe, and on my knees in thanks for all the blessings I have been given. I don't want to forget the people who have not been as fortunate as me.

Dear friends, How do you keep your perspective and awareness?

Share with me. Encourage me.  Hold me accountable.  Let's be the group of people who MAKE. A. DIFFERENCE. Check out these guys - They decided that they wanted to better understand poverty, so they moved to Guatemala and experienced it first hand.  It's a great interview with several experts on poverty issues.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I am going to start by praying for true perspective and a new way to see and relate to the world (Romans 12:2). However, as sincere as I am in my prayers, I know that I need action, visual and physical reminders to really make this sink in... Have you heard of Live Below the Line? It is a five-day challenge to increase understanding of extreme poverty by spending only $1.50 a day on your food and drinks (that means no lattes, :/ GLUP ).  I am thinking of taking the challenging the second week in July, 7th-11th.

Will you join me?

Sign up in the comments section! If you can't commit to all five days, that's ok, let's do 1 or 2 or whatever works for your life right now.        

Emily Betzler
Emily Betzler


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