Britta's Shower - The Bought Beautifully Details

by Emily Betzler September 11, 2013 2 Comments

The time has come for the final post on Britta's shower and the last opportunity to sign up to win this awesome Chevron Table runner and Delicious Craft Coffee...

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It was so special to be a part of  planning Britta's shower.  I especially loved the challenge of looking at all the details of the shower and trying to find different ways to make them all a little more Bought Beautiful :). The main ways we did this were:

  • Using almost all re-usable or recycled decor (Less waste)!  See the pics here.

  • Using fair trade, organic and/or local ingredients in the recipes whenever possible. Read about them here and here.

  • Creating a purposeful registry.  Read more about her registry here.

The final bullet point is the key piece that truly made this a Bought Beautifully shower. Britta was committed to seeking out products that had some sort of positive impact.  Here are the guidelines she used when creating here registry:

1. The workers who created the product were paid a fair wage.

2. The origin of the product is known.

3. The item is bought from an organization that is doing meaningful work.

4. The product is eco-friendly.

Her desire to find amazing meaningful item was so inspiring and encouraging! So to wrap things up I just wanted to show off some of the items that Britta received and highlight some of the organizations that they came from:

Pitcher from SerrvPitcher from Serrv

GiftsVintage canisters from  White bowl and serving platter from School House Electric.

PillowsBeautiful Chevron Pillows from Story Company

Made in AmericaA Breakfast Basket Made in America

My older sister totally out did herself on this gift! She started by looking for unique products that were made in America and ended up creating an entire basket of goodies around the theme of Breakfast in America (all items were made in America - mugs, cutting board, scone mix, coffee, tea, mixing bowl). SOOOO CUTE!

PyrexPyrex Storage containers - Made in America!

Organic Free Trade Cotton Pillow Cases, Fair Trade Cotton  from Faceplant Dreams

More great productsPitcher from Sundance. Wood cutting board from Viva Terra Bookends from Serrv.

Lovely things, right? You can click on Britta's pinterest board below for a complete look at all the items on her registry.

ALSO, if love the idea of buying products like these, stay tuned in the following weeks for details on the opening of the Consumers in Christ Marketplace!!!!   After months and months of hard work we will be opening for business soon...eeeeeeeh!! So excited!!! Can't wait to share it with you all!  You can click on the link  to check it out, but keep in mind that the site is still under construction but will be ready very soon... :)

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

- emily

Emily Betzler
Emily Betzler


2 Responses

emily :)
emily :)

May 08, 2018

Erin- How are you? I love seeing all you are doing with your yoga/fitness – Such an inspiration! I know Serrv is great, isn’t it? I’m glad you discovered them.


Erin Burkhardt
Erin Burkhardt

May 08, 2018

Em, I love this post!! I had never heard of Serrv before…I’m completely in love with their stuff! Thanks for keeping me in the loop :) xo

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