Aluminum Bangle Set

  • You'll love the look AND the jingle that comes with this set of 5 aluminum bangles. Made from recycled aluminum that is melted, hand-poured into a sand cast and finished with a steel brush...well worth the labor of love! 

    Handmade with love in Haiti ♥
  • Our Aluminum Bangle Set is made by artisans with 2nd Story Goods, a community of impassioned women and men working to design and produce beautiful products that do good, are good and look good. They are based in Jubilee and Gonaives Haiti, and provide life-giving jobs that instill wonder, dignity, and connectedness between their artisans. They believe in building a company that benefits the community where it is planted by investing in their employees to bring positive change, model leadership qualities, and empowerment to future generations.
  • Handcrafted from recycled aluminum and corded leather 

    Provides vocational training & sustainable development

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