Hand-carved bird ornament

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  • These charming bird ornaments are hand-carved by Hezekiah Kwihangana in Muhanga District, Rwanda artisans from Jacaranda trees and look beautiful contrasting the dark evergreen of a Christmas tree.  

    Handmade with love in Rwanda ♥
  • The Hand-carved bird ornament is made by artisans with Azizi Life, an organization that participates in local initiatives for the development of Rwandan communities working towards physical and spiritual wholeness for all. Azizi believes that God cares deeply about each person's physical well-being and relationships with one another, as well as relationships with Him. Azizi sees the brokenness of the world- both in ""the West"" as well as in their home country of Rwanda - and believes that it is only through a relationship with Jesus Christ that true healing, wholeness – and development – can be found.
  • Measure approximately 4" in length with a 3" hanging loop

    Please note that the shape of the bird ornaments vary slightly due to the styles of the individual woodcarvers

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