Audrey Necklace

    • The Audrey Necklace is a unique classy piece made from brass and horn.
      Ankole Cow Horn is a natural product known for unique and beautiful variations in color ranging from ivory black to caramel and creamy white. Like fingerprints, no two polished pieces are alike. When you purchase PURPOSE horn products, you’re empowering girls and women seeking freedom and helping to ensure a sustainable local economy.

      Handmade with love in Uganda ♥
    • The Audrey necklace is made by artisans with Purpose Jewelry who empowers those escaping human trafficking and encourages them to find and embrace their Christian identity while recognizing their infinite self-worth. They work with survivors of human trafficking in Mumbai, India, Kampala, Uganda and Orange County, CA. From creation to shipping, these young women are playing a critical role in every step of the process while earning a fair wage and gaining employable skills for the future. Their fashionable jewelry embodies the ambition and optimism of their artisans, with each piece hand-signed with pride.
    • Features a long chain and two disks, one brass and one ankole horn.

      Fights human trafficking

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