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Leather Beaded Tassel FOB

$24.00 USD $32.00 USD

  • Don't just carry your keys - display them for the world to see with this amazing work of art that just happens to double as a sturdy key FOB.

    Handmade with love in Haiti ♥
  • The Leather Beaded Tassel FOB is made by Haiti Design Co. who was founded in 2014 with the goal to bring about sustainable development through design, training, and job creation. Their mantra around the workshop is "MEN ANPIL, CHAY PA LOU". This is an old Haitian proverb meaning "MANY HANDS MAKE THE LOAD LIGHT". They believe that there is commonality between the designer, maker, and consumer, and that when working together we can help lighten each other's load and bring about lasting positive impact.
  • Available in Brown or Black leather

    Total length measures approximately " inches

    Genuine leather tassel with glass bead accents and brass closure hardware.

    Creating jobs & sustainable development