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Easter Traditions with kids

Easter Traditions with Kids – Painting Handmade Wooden Easter Eggs


We have our second guest post in the Easter series, the wonderful Molly Stillman form Still Being Molly is sharing how she incorporated these beautiful Eggs into her Easter traditions…

We are only a few weeks away from celebrating Easter and one of the things I am trying to be more intentional about this year (and also share more with YOU guys about), are ways to celebrate this holiday by supporting ethical companies and companies that give back.

Trust me, I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but when I think about the mainstream companies that are producing the Easter decorations, Easter candy, clothing, etc… most of it, is done with slave or child labor. In fact, almost every holiday we celebrate and the paraphernalia we buy is made by people who aren’t being paid a fair wage, treated well, work in unsafe conditions, etc. It’s truly awful. (source and source).

Head on over to her blog to read the rest of her post, see more of this cutie (below), and click around on her site, she has a heart for social justice and great content 🙂


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