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Every woman wants to sparkle.

But we would never want our shine to come at someone else’s expense, right?

Unfortunately, our cosmetics might be doing just that. Mica, the mineral found in most make-up and other products (paints, building materials, electrical products) that gives them their shimmer, shine, and glimmer, is often mined by children who are forced to work in dangerous and illegal mines.

60% of the global Mica production comes from India.  In 2010-2011, 86% of the country’s mica exports were unregulated. Chances are, we are all contributing.

So, what is a girl to do?

1.) Donate

Made in a Free World is doing something about this by creating Safe Villages, where children attend school rather than work.  Donate today and help MIAFW achieve their goal of establishing 5 safe villages in the region hardest hit by child labor.

2.) Don’t buy cosmetics that contain Mica

In response to this problem and the complexities in finding an ethical source of mica the cosmetics company Lush, removed all mica from their products, so shopping with them is a safe bet. Otherwise look for products that don’t contain Mica.

We all know that our true sparkle comes from the inside.  Let’s prove it by caring more about the welfare of the world’s children than our outward appearance.

Beauty shine


If you want to know more about the truth behind Mica mining and child labor check out these links:





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