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Every Bought Beautifully partner is committed to making a tangible impact in their community by living out God’s call to love. Whether it’s empowering people with dignified employment, rehabilitating those once trapped in slavery, or offering education and community development programs, these “love stories” are transforming lives around the globe.


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Who makes these impacts possible?

You do!  Your purchases support our partners who are on the ground working. You can read more about them in the “Your Impact” of each product section, which shares more about the specific organization making and impact behind each product.  We hope you're as inspired by their hard work and dedication as we are and enjoy learning about how they are giving back to their community in unique and powerful ways.

BB mission

Enriching lives
Enriching lives:  We partner with organizations who see and love the entire person. They work for holistic human developement, providing more than just jobs, meeting individual needs through education, and support.
Restoring Hope
Restoring Hope: Our partners work in some of the most disadvantaged communities around the globe to provide dignified employment and hope for a brighter future.
Empowering People
Empowering People:  Our partners provide handups not hand outs, the provide job opportunities that might not otherwise exist - paying fair living wages.
Shining God's love
Shining God's love: Bought Beautifully was born out the desire to live out our love, faith and values in our everyday actions.


Together, we are making a difference:

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