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Diani Wrap Bracelet


This wrap is not only trendy but also adjustable for the perfect fit on any wrist, making it both a cute and a safe gift

~ Length:  32 inches


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Diani is a beach town on Kenya’s southern coast, where beach bungalows dot white powdered sand. Children climb for coconuts while fisherman maneuver traditional Dhow boats along the shoreline, always looking for the perfect catch. Enjoy the beach or jump in the water – Diani is home to a thriving Kite Surfing community despite its lack of a traditional surf break. This wrap pays homage to Diani’s serene blue and green waters and pristine sand that feels so great beneath our toes! One of our most popular wraps ever – we’ve added it to our year-round collection!

Sasa Designs is helping the deaf use their hands to speak louder than they ever have before. Each piece created allows artisans to share their story, and in turn, change lives. Deaf women have faced a lifetime of discrimination, being told from a young age that they are “worthless” and a drain on their families. As fully employed women, they learn (and in turn their families and communities learn) their true value. Consistent monthly income ensures they are able to send their children to school and to the doctor when needed. We are watching women transform into confident, strong and skilled individuals FULL of joy!


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