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Beautiful Box – 1 box


A Beautiful Box is the perfect gift to give to others…or yourself!

Each month we will deliver a handpicked (ethically made) items directly to your door step! Your subscription shines light in dark places as Bought Beautifully vendors are telling the story of Christ’s love by rescuing captives, empowering women, and providing pathways out of poverty.

Subscription levels (save when you commit):

1 month/season = $55 per month

1 year/ 4 seasonal boxes = $50 per month (includes free necklace!)



A Beautiful Box is a monthly subscription of ethically made products.

Every box includes :

  • Maker Bio: Meet and get to know the creator of your product
  • Country info: Learn about the country and community where your product was created
  • Prayer Guide: Discover how you can pray for  your brothers and sisters around the globe

~  We have 4 seasonal boxes, you can join anytime and receive that season’s box

~ Boxes ship the first Monday of the month!

~ Items range from jewelry, to home decor, to art, and more!

~ December 2016 box includes: scarf, earrings, bracelet set, and hot chocolate (see images)


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