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Boho Leather Feather Earrings


For the elegant hippie in all of us, these leather feather earrings are light weight, fun and boho cool!

~ Material = Leather

~ Handmade with love in Haiti ♥


Second Story Goods

Second Story Goods is a community of impassioned women and men in Haiti working to design and produce beautiful pieces that do good, are good and look good.

And  in the process we are growing a great little company, called 2nd Story Goods,  filled with life giving jobs in an atmosphere of creativity, personal discipline, loads of fun and imagination!

Haitian Artisan

Meet Christella Jean

Hi my name is Christella Jean.  I have been working with 2nd Story Goods since the beginning,  2010.  I was one of the first women that came to learn how to make jewelry. We had no idea in the beginning days that we would ever build a business like this. The work I am doing with 2nd Story goods makes me want to live more everyday.

1.) What motivates or inspires you?

I am proud of this company, myself and the other people from our  community that work here.  We are making a name for ourselves in this country.  And, not only that, this work makes it possible to feed ourselves and our families each day. We are not dependent on others giving these things to us.

 2. ) What is one hope for your future?

My hope for the future is to always be in good health, so I can continue to work and take care of my 5 children.  My husband and I only had two children until last year when my sister died just after giving birth to her baby girl.  So, now we are raising her three children plus our two.  Parenting is a big job!

3.) Tell us one fun fact about yourself

I am a light hearted person, people say i am always happy and making jokes. It is true at work too.

4.) What do you love most about your job?

I am grateful for the family that 2nd Story Goods is to me. We work together and we help each other. I love my job because it provides for me financially.  And because they welcome us well and treat us respectfully.

5.) How has your work with (your company’s name) impacted your life?

My work with 2nd Story Goods has impacted my life in many ways.  Before working with 2nd Story Goods I rented a very small house,  but now I have my own home that we built ourselves, block by block. Also,  I can easily pay school fees for my children now and  I can help my family financially today and live with dignity.

6.) If you could say something to the person buying your product what would you say?

For the people that purchase our goods I say,

I want you to be strong and blessed by God, you and your family.  And i hope you can continue to do business with 2nd Story Goods. Thank you.


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