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One Hope Earrings


The One Hope Earrings are named for the opportunity & tangible hope they bring through sustainable employment for their makers in Uganda. These elegant, lightweight drop earrings are accented with tiny hand-rolled paper beads finished in a non-toxic varnish to give a stone-like resemblance.

These beads are hand-rolled by over 200 women and mothers living in rural villages of Uganda. This skill allows them to work from the comforts of their own home so they can look after their children while earning a source of income.

The paper beads come in 4 colors: Berry (pink), Dalmatian (mostly white/black), Lily (white), Zebra (black & white)


The One Hope Earrings are made by artisans with the Akola Project, empowering women in poverty to become agents of transformation in both their families and communities through economic and social development. As a non-profit social enterprise, they are focused on equipping and employing “unemployable” marginalized women in Uganda and Dallas, TX.  Akola Project invests 100% of their profits back into their employees and provides them with holistic personal, professional and spiritual development opportunities.


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