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Sisterhood Soap


Grow the Sisterhood. Empower a soapmaker.

This soap does more than cleanse.  It Empowers, supporting refugees in Iraq! 

Each bar is hand-milled by refugees on the run from ISIS. When they fled, they left everything behind. But with the money they earn from this soap, they can provide for their children and rebuild their lives. We’re bringing thousands of bars of refugee-made soap over from Iraq—so you can hold their work in your hands and share part of their story.

Details: All-natural soap made with 100% saponified olive oil and Wild Chamomile. Unscented. Allergen-free.

*We are taking pre-orders – THIS ITEM WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL NOVEMBER 20th.

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Preemptive Love is a global movement of peacemakers changing the way we engage the world’s most polarizing conflicts by confronting fear with acts of LOVE.

They lost everything to ISIS. They are mothers. Wives. Daughters. Refugees. They live in tents and shipping containers. But they are not victims. They are our sisters.

They have a gift for making beautiful, natural soap—free of the chemicals and dyes found in most commercial soap. Every bar helps them grow their business, feed their families, and put their children back in school. Not through a handout, but through the work of their own hands.

When you empower a refugee, helping her launch a new soapmaking business, you grow the sisterhood. You stop ISIS from having the last word over her life.



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