Be Beautiful Necklace Medallion

$20.00 USD

This necklace  is the first collaboration between Bought Beautifully and AshaBelle, to design a simple, elegant, and versatile product that would have a direct impact on it's makers life.

When you purchase this product you are helping to send our dear friend, Kushhnama, go to school in India. Kushnama was paid a fair, living wage to create this product which is allowing her to provide for her family. While we love that she is able to provide, we want to see her SOAR. We want help her achieve her future dreams (that include more than jewelry making), so"Be Beautiful" and join us in this beautiful journey to provide livelihoods that not only meet todays needs, but inspire dreams for entirely new futures! Meet Kushnama

AshaBelle strives to impact the lives of women living in poverty by giving them meaningful work, training, medical assistance, and paying fair, livable wages. As a company, we strive to create products that are well-crafted, unique and elegant. Pulling from India’s abundance of beautiful semi-precious stones, metals and endless variety of raw materials, we are able to create unique pieces to suit a variety of styles and tastes. Our desire is that our products would make the women who wear them feel beautiful inside and out. It is our hope and desire to see women, wherever they are, coming alongside other women in need and to help them grow and thrive when it is within their power to do so. Our heart is that each precious woman on our team would know she was created for a purpose and is loved deeply by the One who created her. That’s the reason for our Beautiful Hope! Save