Chevron Banana Leaf Rectangular Basket


Chevron Banana Leaf Rectangular Basket


Azizi Life’s collection of handcrafted boxes is a wonderful way to stay organized and hold your belongings beautifully, in fair trade style.   

Lightweight and oh-so-useful, this box is crafted with an overlay of woven banana leaves, and lined with cotton fabric. The Banana Panel Box is perfect for holding your belongings which need their own special place, whether it’s washcloths in the guest bathroom, camisoles in your closet, or condiments for your picnic.  We also love to use this box to hold a hostess gift!

To create this box, artisans use dried leaves from their banana trees. They remove the surface of the leaf, divide it into strips, then weave the chevron design.  The black color leaf is from a special kind of banana tree.  The box’s lining is sewn on a pedal-powered sewing machine.

  • Naturally tan and black banana leaves
  • Chevron weave design
  • Black cotton lining
  • Open hand-holds
  • Crafted from locally-gathered banana leaves, a renewable resource
  • 10.5 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth. Lining- machine wash cold, tumble dry

Handmade with love.

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