Kaia Necklace

  • Here's a new favorite – Kaia – a simple adornment with delicate bronze bars and a row of Lagrimas de San Pedro, seeds collected by Costa Rican artisans and fashioned into this statement piece. Wear this piece while you sip on your morning mug at the downtown coffee shop or stock up on produce at the farmer’s market.

    Handmade with love in Costa Rica ♥
  • The Kaia Necklace is made by artisans with Hands Producing Hope, an organization serving in Rwanda and Costa Rica that provides work and income to marginalized individuals, encourages continued education, hosts various life skills workshops throughout the year, and helps develop skills that will equip those in the program long after they leave. Their vision is to see all people (regardless of gender, ethnicity, or geographical location) be afforded opportunities to have dignified and respectable work, and to provide for their families and flourish in their communities.
  • Empowers women with sustainable development

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