Natural Wood Candle Stick

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  • These beautifully vibrant candle sticks have a luxurious feel and are hand carved from local wood.  The perfect finish to any table decor and large enough to accommodate a variety of candle widths.

    Handmade with love in India ♥
  • The Natural Wood Candle Sticks come from Rahab's Rope: fighting pervasive poverty and high unemployment India and the Philippines that leaves children and young women vulnerable to trafficking, malnutrition, and homelessness. Rahab's Rope is a livelihood program extension of Safe Refuge that empowers women as they rebuild their lives and care for their children. They produce lovingly-handcrafted items with a mission to embody fair trade and environmentally responsible principles throughout the production process, believing that the best products are good for everyone involved.
  • Hand-carved from sustainably-sourced wood

    Short stick measures approx. 8.25" in height

    Long stick measures approximately 11.25" in height 

    Both candlesticks fit candles of up to 3" in diameter

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