Protective Face Masks -

PRE:ORDER: We will start shipping masks again on August 6th!!

Handmade, ethically made protective Face Masks.

Our Face masks come in a variety of fabric patterns.  If you have a preference please indicate in the notes section of the order - we will do our best to meet your needs.

Options include: Green  - Periwinkle  - Striped - Blue Dove - Navy Geometric 

Personal Protective Masks

Face Mask Details: 

  • Washable and Re-usable
  • Made with a double layer of tight woven cotton and one layer of polypropylene
  • Interior pocket for additional filter

Based on research by the University of Cambridge, this TELAstory face mask is made of a double layer of tightly woven cotton material, and one layer of non woven polypropylene material.

In addition, each reusable mask has an interior pocket for placing an additional filter  These are not N95 masks (doing our part to keep those for health care professionals!) but can be worn over N95 masks to prolong their effectiveness, given to patients, and used daily by regular people.

Masks are being made by our partner TELAstory (formerly A Beautiful Refuge) in the Philippines.  The Philippines is currently on lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Our partners are sewing these masks from their homes in hopes to provide for themselves and their families during this time.  In addition, to pay living wages, sales with TELAstory support a resource center for women and children in crisis based in the Philippines. Pervasive poverty and high unemployment in the Philippines leave children and young women particularly vulnerable to trafficking, malnutrition, and homelessness.

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