The Coral Earrings

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  • The Coral Earrings capture that perfect pink from the most picturesque sunset.  With some shimmering blocky metal studs to highlight the look, it's sure to be an eye a good way.

    Handmade with love in Uganda ♥
  • The Coral Earrings are made by artisans with the Akola Project, empowering women in poverty to become agents of transformation in both their families and communities through economic and social development. As a non-profit social enterprise, they are focused on equipping and employing “unemployable” marginalized women in Uganda and Dallas, TX. Akola Project invests 100% of their profits back into their employees and provides them with holistic personal, professional and spiritual development opportunities.
  • Hand carved from ankole cow horn with a shimmering metal stud

    Feature a 2.75" drop

    Empowers Women