Together Bracelet - Gold

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  • Wearing this simple bracelet is the perfect way to LIVE OUT LOVE in a powerful way. Created with the belief that love & friendship will conquer the divides of race, gender, and religion, it's a daily reminder that we have the opportunity to choose how we see one another and love one another.

    Handmade with love by artisans in Indonesia.
  • The Together Bracelet is made by 31 Bits who uses fashion and design to empower people to rise above poverty. Their name was inspired by Proverbs 31 and beading materials – “bits” of paper. They create dignified work opportunities for artisans worldwide by paying fair and sustainable wages. They also provide safe and joyful working conditions, a family-like atmosphere, and an environment where every artisan feels known. 31 Bits believes that quality work is a result of artisans who are cared for holistically as individuals.
  • Made from stamped brass shaped & polished by hand

    One size fits most

    Empowers artisans to escape poverty & provides opportunities

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