Tokens of My Love


Tokens of My Love

Share the love with this adorable set of redeemable friendship coupons from quirk-tastic illustrator Jordan Sondler. Perfect for Valentine's or Galentine's Day, or as an everyday gift, this keepsake box is filled with 24 IOUs--a delightful gift for both BFFs and romantic partners.

Not sure what to get your man for his birthday? Want to show your bestie how much you love her? Want your gift to last beyond the ripping open of wrapping paper? Tokens of My Love is just what you need. Each token is good for one redeemable treat, for example: "a personal chef," "a shoulder to cry on," or "a picnic in the park." Plus, there are two blank tokens to write your own IOUs. The stack of tokens can be gifted and regifted among groups of friends.

10% of book purchases are given to Bought Beautifully's Artisan Support Fund which is used to meet the unique needs of our partners. This includes support in times of crisis, health or education needs, special projects, and more. 

Author: Jordan Sondler
24 Pages 3.25 "W x 3.25 "H x 3.05 "D

Handmade with love.

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