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Bought Beautifully 2017 - impacts statement

But that’s not all – YOUR purchases provided so much more than jobs! Read on for the details

2017 Bought Beautifully purchases made an impact

How do these impacts happen?

Every Bought Beautifully partner is committed to making a tangible impact in their community and with their artisans by living out God’s call to love. Whether it’s empowering people with dignified employment, rehabilitating those once trapped in slavery, or offering education and community development programs, these “love stories” are responsible for the above impacts happening around the world.

Who makes these impacts possible?

You do!  Every product listing on our site includes a “Your Impact” section, which shares more about the specific organization making each product and benefitting from each sale.  We hope you're as inspired by their hard work and dedication as we are and enjoy learning about how they are giving back to their community in unique and powerful ways.


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