2013 Year in review

2013 Year in review

Since so many of our friends and family that live far away, we wanted to do a quick recap of our year (a few months late!). The obvious highlight of this past year was the birth of our little lady, Storie~


She's here! Coming home The little lady


For H, the best parts of 2013 included: catching his first fish, learning to ski, all things fireman, and his furry/feathery friends: IMG_1287 IMG_4511 H   IMG_3529 Colin still enjoys his job working for the Sheridan Community Land Trust. They completed some great projects this year that will having lasting impact for our community. Here is a shot from one of their projects, the Soldier Ridge Trail ~ IMG_4495 I spend my days playing with the little ones or working on the non-profit we are starting, Consumers in Christ.  This process has given me ample opportunities to learn and grow…Despite a few hick-ups and setbacks, we hope to be launching the marketplace in the next few months!!!  If we haven't been able to talk to you in person about Consumers in Christ, you can watch our video here to get a better idea our hearts and hopes for it. ;) The deepness and beauty of our relationships is truly what made this year special. Thank you so much for walking along side us, supporting us, and loving us!

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