3 easy ways to make a cosmetic change -

Phew - The last few posts have presented a wealth of information. As wonderful as information can be, it can also be daunting! CosmeticsHair products, sunscreens, make-up, lip balms -- I get overwhelmed just thinking about all of the cosmetic products my family uses.  The thought of researching each one to uncover the potentially hazardous ingredients would take hours.  AND throwing each one out and starting fresh would cost a small fortune.  Neither of these are realistic options for the majority of us.  So, what is a girl to do? Sharlyn and I thought we would present a few ways to change that won't take all your precious time or money and are easy to implement into our crazy lives.

1) Know what to avoid ~

This is the probably the easiest option to implement. Simply know the worst 4 ingredients and avoid buying products that contain them.  To make this easy on you, we created this handy little card, just print it off  and keep it in your wallet, and the next time you are going to make a purchase in the cosmetics section --  pull it out and do a quick ingredient check before you pbuy. To print the list of Ingredients to AVOID click here.IngredientsAVOIDHere's why: Triclosan – Is suspected of interfering with hormone function, possibly an endocrine disrupter,  may increase incidence of allergies, and contribute to antibiotic resistance. The EPA registers it as a pesticide. It is harmful to fish and other wildlife as it does not easily degrade. Typically found in antibacterial cosmetics, such as toothpastes, cleansers and antiperspirants. Parabens - Have been found in breast cancer tumors and also have shown ability to mimic the estrogen hormone (which plays an important role in breast cancer development). Used as preservatives in cosmetics to help prevent the growth of bacteria. Typically found in deodorants and antiperspirants. Fragrance or Parfum – Is considered a human immune system toxicant, can increase allergies and asthma. Found in most cosmetic products moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners, deodorants and obviously, perfume and body sprays. :) Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or SLS  - Has been linked to caner, can cause eye and skin irritations and allergic reactions. Found in most products that foam , i.e. shampoo, soap, facial cleansers, etc. (also found in engine degreasers and floor cleaners - and I put that on my skin- gross!).
*This list is my own personal opinion (and I am not an expert!). It is based on my research and reading through several other sites and articles.  I found that these 4 ingredients consistantly appeared on most  lists and they seemed to worst to me!  Other sites with more highly qualified people may have different opinions.  I encourage you to do your own research too.
If you are feeling super ambitious and want more than four ingredients, click here MindBodyGreen has a printout of their top 12 to avoid.

2) Start slowly ~ Research and change (if necessary) one product at a time~

Commit to making one change at a time. Follow Sharlyn's model in our last post.  When you notice that your cosmetic product is running low -- 1.) Hop on the Skin Deep Database, select that product from their search option and within seconds you will we see ratings.  Scroll through the ratings until you find a product that fits your needs. This is also how I started making changes.  When my son was born, I really wanted to put the best, most natural products on his sweet, perfect baby bottom.  So, as he started needing different items, I would search for that item  and look through the options until I found one with a rating that I approved of and would fit in our budget.  The two downfalls to this were 1)  I had to order most of my products online as they were not available locally, and 2) I did spend a lot of time researching - I just found it so interesting I couldn't stop!

3) Find a company you can trust and stick with them ~

We currently subscribe to The Honest Company.  They have great social and environmental principles, and I know I can trust their products. If I lived in a bigger city with more shopping options, I am not sure this is the route I would go, as it does seem expensive and the product selection is limited. However, it does have its perks. It is easy and convenient,  you can set it up to receive automatic deliveries however often you wish.  You could also find a local business or company that you trust, read this post about The Chair and Intelligent Nurtrients products, and buy straight from them.


If you are a bit more particular and want to sample products before switching or committing to anything consider joining Goodebox for a few months - For $16 a month they send you trial sized products from  thoroughly evaluated, mission based brands committed to using the best, non-toxic ingredients to create innovative, performance based products that respect people, animals and planet. *I have not tried this company but am tempted too...

So there you go - our 3 easy-peasy, options to start making changes in our cosmetic products that will lead to healthier lives!

Do any of you have any products or companies that you have tried and love?  If so, please share with us in the comment section, the more recommendations we have the better! Happy Monday!

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