8 Easy Ways to Love in the time of Corona (at a safe social distance)

8 Easy Ways to Love in the time of Corona (at a safe social distance)

No matter the societal context there is always time and space to love our neighbors well! There is no better time to model love than when our kids are stuck at home with us (watching our every move - thank you school closures)!  Here are 8 Easy Ways that you and your kids can show LOVE...at a safe social distance :

  • Drop off food at your local food pantry or free pantry (Are quarantined? Order and ship on amazon)
  • Call a local nursing home and get the name of 5 residents whose spirits could be lifted and mail cards to them
  • Buy a gift certificate for a local business
  • Leave a meal on someone’s doorstep
  • Write love letters to your family members
  • Check in on your neighbors (call them on the phone, drop off notes, gifts, or meals on their doorstep)
  • Go for a walk and pick up trash
  • Get a global perspective and donate  – it is easy for us to become self-focused in a time like this but it is always beneficial to broaden horizons and put ourselves in someone else's shoes.  We can't help but think about our refugee brothers and sisters who are experiencing the same things we are, but have no home to run to for shelter and safety.  Take a few minutes to learn about the refugee crisis in Syria and donate to those in need. 



8 easy ways to love

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