Beautiful Stories - Haïti

We visit Haïti and find beautiful people, beautiful products, and beautiful stories.
Beautiful Stories - Haïti

This past May, several of us with BB traveled to Haïti. Among our main goals were to meet our Haïtian partners, see the impact of their ministries, and experience the beautiful country they call home.  We wanted to encourage their hard work and creative energy while learning how we could better represent their products and work on the BB site. 


Like all of our vendors, the more of their products we sell directly translates to their ability to sustain operations, bring on and train new employees, and continue to strategically and permanently disrupt the cycle of poverty that has historically defined countries like Haïti.

Over the course of 6 days, we spent time with vendors all over the country: from the capital Port-Au-Prince to Gonaives, Musac and Jacmel. The Haïtian landscape was incredibly diverse driving through crowded shantytowns, dry deserts, the bustling capital of Port Au Prince, verdant tropical forests, mile-high mountains, and postcard beaches (minus the ever-present trash). While the language barrier of Creole was very real, our guide/driver/translator Rocky (thank you Cornerstone Church!) was wonderful in helping us experience the real Haïti. We found people to be overwhelmingly friendly and kind.  We felt welcomed and found that we were treated as friends as we traveled into their communities. 

Each day had its own list of highlights as we were fortunate to spend quality time with our vendors learning more about their work and their community.

haitian partners

Our week in Haïti - the people we met, the perseverance of its people, real lives being changed - left us wanting to share this with you:

Behind every product is a beautiful story and soul. Your purchases are allowing these souls to thrive, to break cycles of hopelessness and poverty.

So - in response to Haïti's Jewels' parting question, "When will you place your next order"? We ask you to help us reach others interested in making a real difference with their purchase by sharing Bought Beautifully today.

Want to hear some stories?

Spicy pikliz and touring Pappillon enterprises, catching the vision behind 2nd Story Goods and tasting our first breadfruit, diving into product development with HAPI artisans and stumbling upon beachside lobster...we have a lot stories! If you'd like to hear them, want to share your own from a trip to Haïti, or just have some questions in general about our partnerships... Please join us for Beautiful Stories – Haïti this Thursday, September 28, 2017 @ The Union in downtown Sheridan. We’ll share more photos, videos, and spend some time talking about the wonderful people we met there.

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