The Christmas Light Express

The Christmas Light Express

I have another great new Christmas Tradition idea to share with you all today: ChristmasLightExpress I can't take any credit for the idea, my good friend Elizabeth came up with it.  She invited H and I to join her and her boys last week to experience The Christmas Light Express and it was awesome!  Definitely something we will be adding to our list of Christmas activities.  Basically, she turned regular old Christmas light looking into a magical Polar Express type adventure! I am  sad I didn't take any pictures on our evening out (I'm a little distracted lately - come on baby!!!) but I think you can still get the idea.



What you will need:
  • The Christmas Express Train (aka your car)
  • Conductor hat (if you have one)
  • Tickets to board the train (print your tickets here)
  • Cool Christmas light viewing glasses (You can find your Christmas Glasses here)
  • Hot drinks and Christmas cookies
  • Christmas Carols
  • Holiday Spirit
Here's what you do: Tell your children that tonight you will be going on a Christmas Adventure.  They will need to be ready to board The Christmas Express at 7:00 (you choose time). In order to board they must have a ticket (you can make our own or print the ones below) and be dressed appropriately (Christmas pjs?). Transform your car into the Christmas Light express (We didn't do this but I think it would be fun to add a whistle maybe some other things to the car). Make train station type announcements throughout the day updating your passengers on weather conditions and departure times!

ChristmasticketWhen it is time to board, the conductor (you or  an older child) punches everyone's ticket. Upon boarding the train everyone is given cool Christmas light viewing glasses. Once everyone is all buckled in serve hot chocolate (in travel mugs with good lids!) and Christmas cookies, start playing music and hit the road!! Drive around town signing carols and oohing and ahhhhing at all the lights! And

Have yourself a Merry Little

Christmas Light Express!

This was really fun and a super easy way to add a little Christmas magic to an ordinary night. Thanks for including us Elizabeth! We are hoping to add a Birthday celebration to our list of Christmas traditions but apparently the little lady is in no hurry! So until then we will keep looking for new Christmas traditions to try! Any suggestions? Share them with me in the comment section...
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