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Give with IMPACT is only 11 days away!!!

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We are so excited to share so many great products from amazing companies with our community and you all! The first company that we have the privilege of working is Creative Women of the World (CWoW).  Creative Woman of the World supports artisans throughout the globe to use their own creativity and ingenuity to create items to sell in a world market. They believe in the power of creativity as a solution for poverty! Oh, I just love that last line, it speaks to the human potential made in the image of a very creative God! Their creativity can definitely be seen in their products.  Here is a sneak peek of some of the items you will be able to find at the Holiday Gift Market~ Earrings~

CWoW Earrings

Handmade paper products~

Handmade Cards

And so many other great products~

CWoW Products

Creative Women of the World is truly an inspiring organization and by purchasing their products we are supporting their beautiful mission:

1. CWOW teaches effective business practices that encourage women to create sustainable businesses that protect the triple bottom line. CWOW believes in building businesses that protect all the people involved, protect the planet we live in and protect the artisan company's profit. When women build that kind of business her family and her whole community will be elevated. 2. CWOW encourages & rewards creative exploration and quality craftsmanship through grants and micro-loans so artisan businesses can grow. 3. CWOW broadens the market for artisan's products so they are not limited by their local economic realities but can gain necessary access to a much broader market.

Thank you Creative Women of the World for letting us be a part of the important work you are doing!

If you don't live in Sheridan and are interested in purchasing some of their products check our their online store here.

Otherwise we hope to see you on November, 16th!!

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