TuesDIY : Sustainable Fashion

February 22, 2016

Happy TuesDIY!

DIY _ Sustainable Fashion

Stumped on how to get your sustainable fashion kickstarted? Look no further!

Tip - Use what you already have in your closet:

We love using the old favorites in our closet as the building blocks for our ethical wardrobe! What's next? Adding in new staple pieces as you go!



Start with an old classic that allows for endless style possibilities.

This classic skirt has been in my closet for over 10 years! I wasn't always into sustainable fashion but I lucked out when I made this purchase buying a well made piece that has and will last for decades.   Now when I am looking to buy classic pieces (pencil skirts, black heals, leather jackets, etc.) I look for items that are ethically made, well made, and truly speak to my sense of style, so that I can be confident I will continue to wear them in the future.


Your favorite pair of shoes are the perfect addition to your sustainable outfit!

These shoes have been a part of my collection for 5 years.  Another classic piece that fits my style and was made well. I love buying items to last!  

sustainable fashion


Tip - Add a top to give a pop! No favorites to use here? Find a new piece for your collection!

This top is made in America, AND bought locally at one of our downtown boutiques!


Final touches = your favorite go-to jacket. Old or new, this piece is sure to be worn again and again.

This jacket? Thrifted! Repurposing clothes is one of our favorite things to do! Visit a thrift shop, and add a vintage piece to your sustainable collection.



Our final (and easiest) tip for growing your sustainable wardrobe... Bought Beautifully accessories!

Accessories are easy to add to any outfit - AND - make for easy gifts for any wishlist. Find hundreds of options here!

Ready? Set, STYLE yourself sustainably!

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