A Fair Trade Easter

I can't believe that Easter is already next week!  This year our goal is to make sure that our Easter celebration and consumption better align with our beliefs.  After all, we are honoring the ultimate demonstration of love and sacrifice, so we don't want this fact to get lost in mix of eggs, candy, bunnies, and such. I am still researching the reasons and history behind some of our traditions (where on Earth did the Easter bunny come from anyway? What's with the eggs?), but a total revamp of our Easter celebration will have to wait until next year when I don't have an adorable infant wanting to play with me at every waking second. However, I know there are a few purchasing choices that I can easily make to better honor Jesus and his sacrifice. So this Easter we are striving for a "Fair Trade" Easter.  Choosing Fair Trade this Easter helps us share His love by ensuring that the people who made our products received fair compensation for their work. Check out the following companies and products to "Fair Trade your Easter"

Fair Trade Easter Baskets~

Forget the cheap plastic Easter baskets, check out the beautiful hand made baskets from Ten Thousand Villages.  Looking for something a little easier (aka Easter is a week away and I need my basket already filled). Here are some options-

Traditional Chocolate Basket from Mama GanacheMamaGnashEasterBasket

Rise n Shine Easter Basket from SerrvSERR-easter

Lake Champlain Gift BasketLakeChamplainfair-trade-gift

Easter Gifts~

 Little Bunnies from Biome Eco Stores


Toys (made in USA) from Down To Earth Toys


Eco Play dough DowntoEarthToysPlayDough

Rock CrayonsDowntoEarthToysRocks

Chocolate ~

Divine Chocolate EggsDivine-Luxury-Milk-Egg_0

Equal Exchange Chocolate eggs


Sjaak's Candy filled Bunnies


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