New Easter ideas

I just wanted to follow up on my Fair Trade Easter post to share some of the research I have done and  the fun new Easter Traditions I have found!!! Here you go...

Easter Eggs are in, the Easter Bunny is out...

I absolutely love the painting Easter Egg tradition and after a little research I think it is something we can embrace.  Even though painting eggs predates Christianity, painting Easter eggs has a long history in the Christian tradition with Eggs symbolizing, re-birth and Jesus' empty tomb.  Now, I just need to be purposeful about helping my family see these symbols and make these connections. However, I'm not so crazy about the candy filled Eggs (According to, the average child in the developed world will consume more sugar by the time they turn 8 than the average person did in their entire lifetime a century ago.) So, we are going to incorporate painted wooden Eggs into our egg decorating fun.  IMG_4312As you can see we haven't painted the eggs yet, but we have been finding them, and I think I ameaster-bunny-apr-4-2011-1-600 going to love this new idea.  Each year we will get to pull the eggs out and be reminded of past Easters and see the progression in our kids' art!  You can buy Wood Eggs, made in the USA, here. Honestly, this guy is scary, right?  Since, I haven't found many strong spiritual connections between the Easter bunny and the  meaning of Easter, and the fact that I think he can easily distract us from Jesus and his resurrection, we are going to sort of ignore the Easter bunny this year.  We will still do an Easter Egg hunt, because it is just plain fun, but no large bunny will be sneaking into our house to hide the eggs. I am trying to think of other ways to make the hunt more connected with the  meaning of Easter - hunting for God's Gifts?, filling some Eggs with scripture, empty eggs (see below).

What do you all do to make Easter a little more meaningful? Share them with me in the comment section.

On Halloween, I shared about our new tradition of going Boo-ing, today a friend just introduced me to Egg-ing ! We haven't done this yet but I think it is going to be a keeper. Surprising friends by hiding eggs in their yard, sounds like fun to me!


I found this printable on the Fab N' Free website,  Click here to print your own.

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