The Final Garage Sale Challenge

The Final Garage Sale Challenge

Want to look this good? You don't have to go to The Gap or Old Navy all you have to do is go to GARAGE SALES!!!!

GraysonWell, to look this good, it might help to have good genes in addition to your garage sale jeans :)

Here is our final post on the Garage Sale Challenge and hopefully, a little inspiration for you to get out, find some deals (hurry garage sale season is coming to close!) and then give back. Today, we are featuring my dear friend Elizabeth and her darling 3 boys.  For those of you who don't know Elizabeth, you should get to know her, she rocks.  She is an amazing mother, friend and athlete. I think my favorite part about writing this post is the mental image, I have of Elizabeth out garage saling.   I picture a tall beautiful brunette pushing a triple stroller from sale to sale, piling her finds on top of the stroller, running up and down hills, not even breaking a sweat and her kids smiling the entire way. Oh how I wish I had a real picture - you would all be inspired!

Camping gearElizabeth had an extremely successful garage sale summer, finding all sorts of treasures for her family.  Some of the items she was most excited about was this camping equipment. All this items were in mint condition, had never been or hardly been used. Living in Wyoming with 3 sons,  she is definitely going to get her money's worth out of these items!

IMG_4323 Camp gearDon't you just love these plates and cups? Any one who has bought outdoor/camping equipment lately knows how expensive these things can be!

A few of her other finds include this sweet chair and lots of toys-

chair Toys

One thing that Elizabeth excels at is getting her kids out and active around town. I admire this in her so much, especially with three young boys! Her family's presence in the community is definitely something I want to model.  Sometimes, I feel that being in the "young kid" phase makes it so easy to get stuck in routines and interacting with the same demographic of people most of the time.  I know I need to be purposeful about breaking this mold and providing opportunities for my kids to know, interact with and relate to all kinds of people in all kinds of situations.

So we decided to try giving time instead of money for the challenge and attempt something a little different -  a trip to one of the Senior Living homes in town for a little story time...

Boys listeningI wish I had more pictures to share but I didn't do a great job documenting the outing as I had my hands full with my sweet energetic 3-year-old.  He was in more of a dance party mood :/

IMG_4330It was a very fun outing, a little awkward for me at times trying to reign in H's excitement and energy...but well worth it in the end.

Elizabeth and boys- thanks for sharing your garage sale finds and the afternoon with us!

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