Friday Favorites - Products with Impact

 Happy Friday!  October has been a full and happy month for us. :) We have so many new favorite friends and products that are positively impacting the world, we can't wait to share them all you!  Here are four for today's viewing pleasure.



 Favorite Art: We love The Bless the Lord Oh My Soul print by Life Lived Beautifully. It's perfect to hang anywhere! Available at our new favorite place to shop Bought Beautifully ;)


Favorite arm candy: The Leather Wrap Bracelet by 2nd Story Goods. Also available at Bought Beautifully. :)

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.45.53 PM

Favorite Winter Accessories: Although we are not ready for winter weather, we are totally crazy about Noonday Collection's Winter line. The entire line is incredible, but these sparkly duds are our favs.

 528159c197ee7403434da89c04d605c5                     Favorite Recipe Finds: The Fairtrade Everyday Cookbook. So many ways to make delicious, fair-trade, everyday meals. Pssssst, this would make an excellent Christmas gift! 225c9bfe166beb0fcfe4c90b9c4381e7                           .

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