Gather with Purpose: Peru culture, cuisine, history and fun facts!

Gather with Purpose: Peru culture, cuisine, history and fun facts!

You're invited!

It's time to Gather with Purpose again - we'd love for you to join us next Friday (or whatever day works for you) as we make delicious Peruvian food, learn a little about the history and culture of Peru, and share stories and impacts from our partner Threads of Hope who has been working and loving in Peru for 20 years!

You can join us by following along and engaging on our social media this coming week as we share stories, or you can take it to the next level and host your own dinner!  Hosting a dinner is easy as 1-2-3! Just follow the steps below! Click here for the printable with all the recipes, shopping list and more! 




Step 1: Invite your friends

Tell your friends you are gathering for a Peruvian-themed dinner next week and you would love them to join. 

Step 2: Pick your menu

One of the best surprises from our trip was PERUVIAN food - it is so GOOD!  We were lucky enough to take a cooking class and are featuring those recipes for our gathering (get our recipes here), but you can also check out our pinterest board for more ideas: 

Our Menu

Shrimp Causas

Shrimp Causas 

These were amazing, really delicious, fun to make, and so pretty - our entire crew loved them!



Turns out, tasty ceviche is surprisingly simple to make and fun to customize!

Arroz Blanco

Arroz Blanco 

Rice - a South American staple. It was fun to learn a new technique to cook the perfect bowl!

Pisco Sours

Pisco Sours  

CHEERS to Peru!  

Step 3: Study up (or print off our printable) and share about Peru

Decide on what content you want to share with your friends. There are a million different routes you could go the information you want to share, our pinterest board is chock full of ideas.  To make it quick and easy for you we made this printable with a few interesting facts on Peru...


 Peru Fast Facts


Prayer and Praise for Peru



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