Let's flourish - word of the week

I have a confession to make; I forgot to actually learn during high school.  Those weekly vocabulary tests, yeah, I crammed for them the night before, as a result all those words entered my short-term memory and promptly left.  So, here I am now, a 30 year woman with regrets and a limited vocabulary.  :(  BUT it is never to late, right? After talking to my friends, it sounds like most women are eager to continue learning and expanding their vocabularies but finding the time and being purposeful about it can be tricky.  So we are bringing you the word of the week, every two weeks we will present a new word that we can learn together.

 After all, life is to short to not know what the word burgeon means (or how to pronounce it - click here for that!).


Let's become wise women with burgeoning vocabularies :)

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