Live for the Glory of God!

Live for the Glory of God!

In a culture that is overrun with selfishness, Glorify Apparel is stepping in to say...

"Live for the glory of God!"


We have been inspired by the designs and clothing that Glorify Apparel is making and wanted to know more details about this unique company.  We chatted with Glorify's founder, Sarah Garcia, to get the inside scoop! So sit back and read on to learn about her heart and vision for Glorify Apparel!

What inspired you to start Glorify Apparel?

Sarah: I saw such a need for Christian apparel that would tell a story and start conversations about the gospel. We all wear clothes, so what better way than to use that avenue as a way to spread hope and love in this world.

My passion behind 'giving back' was to inspire a movement of generosity in our world and culture. Our main purpose is to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and we believe we can do that most when we're looking like Him -- loving and helping the people around us. (Matt. 5:16, John 13:35).


What challenges did you face in starting Glorify Apparel?

Sarah: Some of the challenges I faced starting Glorify Apparel was running the business side of it.  I never went to school for business or marketing -- in fact, I have my M.A. in counseling! The Lord has a sense of humor, but it just goes to show that he is completely glorified in all of this because I could never do this on my own strength. All glory to God! 9989c433-0d10-47d0-8a2c-be478a93cb2d-21249

What is your favorite part of running Glorify?

Sarah: My favorite aspect of running Glorify has to be two things: the designing process for our products, and working with our charity partners. It's amazing to be in contact with them and see how our donations are making an impact.

Glorify's donations have made some great impacts! Working with Charity water, we have aided in the effort to bring clean water to developing countries through the construction of water wells in strategic places. With 'Not For Sale' our donations help provide survivors and at-risk communities in five countries with safety and stability as well as education and economic opportunities. ​


What do you see in the future for Glorify Apparel?

Sarah: My biggest dream for the future of Glorify Apparel is that it would inspire a generation to live lives that glorify Jesus. That these clothes that we wear would be a continual reminder that it's not about me, but all about Thee. That our designs would spread hope and love in this world, and that through our giving back, lives would be rescued, healed, saved and restored. 9989c433-0d10-47d0-8a2c-be478a93cb2d-21259

We love Sarah's creativity and eye for style, so we asked her to pair her favorite  Glorify pieces with  items from the Bought Beautifully Market. Here are a few looks she came up with :


Sarah paired the long sleeve Arrow shirt with the Arrow Cuff from Haiti's Jewels! We thought these super cute booties from Sseko completed the look.


Sarah would wear the "Faith, Hope, Love tee" with the 5X Leather Wrap Bracelet from Second Story Goods. Since the look needs a clutch, we thought this gem from Amahoro Burundi was a perfect match.

Gorify Outfit1

Sarah paired the  "Make His Name Famous tank" with the 14-strand Brown and Gold Necklace from Rahab's Rope.  We also added the sandals from African Soles to complete the look.

Isn't Sarah great? We just love her heart and feel blessed to partner with them!

Give Him Glory and Shop Beautifully ;)

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