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The next post in our "Made in America" series focuses on companies that make products for our precious little children. It seems like buying/acquiring things for our children is inevitable as they grow and change so fast and are involved in so many activities.  The good news is there are a surprising number of ways to come about these products in a beautiful way.

One additional reason it is nice to seek out products for our children that were made in America is because these products are subject to more stringent safety standards and testing. Which should mean no/or less BPA, other poisons and toxins.

Today, I will share a few companies that are making awesome products right here in the United States. YAY! The added bonus is that all of these companies  have additional virtues such as being "green" and policies on "giving back" which makes them even better  organizations to support. 1.) Bed Head Pajama's - Sells really cute PJ's that are locally cut and sewn. In addition, Bed Head works closely with a local community program, Esperanza, to provide jobs and other types of support. BedHeadPJ's 2.) Earth Creations - Earth Creations makes eco-friendly clothing in a way that  positively impact the lives of everyone involved in their production process. The have adorable products for kids of all ages that are "eco-friendly". They didn't specify how on their site but they also claim to "give back to our community in meaningful ways, helping out good causes and supporting environmental efforts." EARTH CREATIONS 3.) Wild Dill - Not everything on this site is Made in America, but they have a great search mechanism so you can find the products that are for each category.  The have a  great selection of children's products that are made in America and the products aren't made in America are organic, fair trade, and/or recycled (so they have re-deeming qualities as well). Wild Dill 4.) Rockin' Baby - This could quite possibly be the perfect baby shower gift. These baby slings and carriers are bright, fun, functional, and made in America!  BUT their impact extends our country's boarders, for every sling you buy one is giving to a mother in Haiti. Rockin'Baby 5.) Green Toys - Green Toys are made in America and are super eco-friendly.  Not only are the products made from mostly recycled milk bottles but all their packaging is made from recycled materials. And they have so many great options to choose from! My son has the cooking set and he loves it.  We also use their sippy-cups and plates and they are some of the best we have tried! GreenToys Well, hopefully, you have found a new company or product that you might enjoy supporting. Check out this post to read about more why buying Made in America is such a good thing! Have a great Monday.

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