Marfa's Artists - Making Art, Giving Hope

This week, we introduced you to Marfa Ministry.

Now, meet the artists who started it all!


Tatyana Molodyk

Tatyana In the 1990’s Tatyana was a computer engineer with no intentions of becoming a pastor, but the General Board of Global Ministries saw a quality in her that gave them a different idea. While at work, she observed a man from America who was in Russia for several weeks, and noticed that he was genuinely happy, and that he prayed everyday.  This was fascinating to her.  When this man left Russia to return to the US he gave her a gift... a Bible.  This was the beginning for Tatyana.  Global Ministries asked her to facilitate the opening of a church. After studying and entering seminary, she became an ordained pastor in 1999.  She served the Saratov church from that time until 2014.
IMG_8637 Tatyana’s art kit includes a pair of scissors, a bottle of white glue and old magazines. She simply snips up advertisement and pictures to make these beautiful collages. If you look closely at her pictures you can see how some of the scraps are reused.

Igor Pak

Igor Pak cropped We met a representative from Igor’s partner church while giving a presentation in Nashville, TN. They approached us about carrying his art.  That decision was easy to make once I saw his work. His painting is beyond description.  All works are one of a kind.  He makes the box or egg, then paints it.  The designs are incredibly detailed.


Igor not only started the church in Kharkiv, Ukraine, but he is also building a new church building, which they hope to have open by December, 2015.  Igor and his sister are staying safe in Ukraine during these tumultuous times.  

We are encouraged by the testimonies of these artisans, and are incredibly blessed to play a part in supporting their art!

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