Martha knows where it is at...

by Emily Betzler April 02, 2014

Not that this should come as any surprise to anyone but Martha Stewart is on it!  She launched the American Made Market last summer.  Despite Martha's fame, the market didn't really seem to take off...


Until now! I re-visited the site today, it has grown and there are really great products.  We Shopping Made in America is great opTheir tag line is celebrate the maker It is inevitable that every purchase we make will have an impact (environmental, social, economical, etc.)  It is our responsibility as consumers, citizens of the planet, stewards of God's awesome creation, and friends/lovers/brothers/ sisters of all the product makers to understand what these impacts are. Three general rules to purchasing: If you Know who made your products. Know how your products were made. Then you will have a better understanding of the impacts behind your products. Here are our top picks form The American Made Market - With all these products you can know who and where your products were made -

Emily Betzler
Emily Betzler


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