Meet some of the BB Makers

Meet some of the BB Makers


It’s #fashionrevolution week -  a.k.a. the perfect time to slow down and think about loving our neighbors - not the ones who live next door, but our global neighbors, particularly the ones who make our clothes, jewelry, and other products that fill our closets and shelves. 

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world and is all too well known for their inhumane working conditions and human rights abuses?

Bought Beautifully and our partners have a different vision for this industry because we believe that God loves the vulnerable and voiceless as much as anyone else and wants us to be His hands and feet in doing something about it.  We are committed doing things differently - that we can use fashion for GOOD - to empower people, restore hope, and shine God's love around the globe.

Bought Beautifully not only knows who makes every product we carry but we also ensure that every artisan is being paid a fair living wage, working in safe and positive conditions, and is experiencing God's love through programming that strengthens families and communities around the world, transforming lives physically and eternally.  

We know, love, and care about everyone of our partners - and we want you to too!  Take a few minutes to get to know the beautiful souls behind some of our favorite products that empower!

Meet: Sevile 

Where: Azerbaijan 

A bit about her: Sevile knits amazing socks with Azerbaijani Socks. Like any good aunt, she loves to spoil her many nephews and nieces with fresh baked goods! 

* * *

Meet: Nung Bhuti 

From: Nepal

A bit about her:  Nung makes jewelry with Blessed Hope Nepal.  She is thankful for the opportunity to make beautiful jewelry for you. She loves going into the office on Thursdays to visit, laugh and catch up!

* * *


Meet: Carmen

Carmen artisan in Peru

Where: Peru

A bit about her: Carmen works hard with our partner  Threads of Hope to help provide for her beautiful family. Thanks to the help of her income they are building their own home brick by brick (which we got to tour in March!!) 

Artisan home

* * *

Meet: Saint Juste Francois

Haitian artisan partners

Where: Haiti

Read this quick Q and A with Juste about his work with our partner 2nd Story Goods:

What do you love most about your job? It has a good feel to it and there is a sense of respect and working together as a team. It is good. We joke a lot and have a good time while getting our work done. I love joking around and making people laugh! It’s part of my job!  Everything in my life is about bringing honor to God and serving people because I want everyone to live well everyday. It is what i am about.

What are a few of your favorite things? My life is full of many things but I prefer to spend time with people. Because I love living in harmony with people and loving my friends well.  I think it is important to be a good mentor for my friends and for anyone looking to me to lead them. This is really important to me. This is what will change my country. Good leadership.

How has your work with 2nd Story Goods/BB impacted your life? I am also grateful for the work I do here, because i am already now able to contribute to the needs of my family. I am married and have three beautiful children. I want to be financially sufficient so i can not only take care of my own family, but also help those in need.

What do you want to say to the people who buy your products?  I say thank you to everyone who buys 2nd Story Goods’ products. It’s helping us a lot and also
giving the country a boost in it’s products made in-country. I ask that they would keep buying
and we will keep working to better serve them everyday.

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