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If you are following the Noonday Blog Train~ WELCOME to Bought Beautifully and THANKS for stopping by! If you are a regular reader, you can catch the Noonday Blog train by reading yesterday's inspirational post by Annie here and Jennifer's post tomorrow. You already know that I am a big fan of Noonday Collection, I have talked about them and featured them on more than one occasion - see here.  What you don't know is that I recently became a Noonday Ambassador!!! At first, I was reluctant to become an Ambassador, due to the fact that we are starting a non-profit organization, Consumers in Christ (still a work in progress but coming soon!). I didn't want to seem like I favored one organization over another.  However, I realized that if our mission is to build and support a Christ centered economy, then I need to be doing everything  I can to work towards our mission.  Becoming a Noonday Ambassador was an obvious means to that end.  As an ambassador, I have the opportunity to support, share and promote a company that does business in the image of Christ.

Noonday Collection, Why do I love you so? Let me count the ways ~

In this world, where greed and cutthroat business practices are the norm, Noonday Collection has managed to create a thriving business model that is centered on love, respect and generosity:
  • They pay their artisans fair, living wages based on the local context and build equitable, long term, economic partnerships  ~


  • They know the names and faces of the people they work with and build genuine relationships with them  ~

Sunita_India Ruby_India

  • They sell beautiful, stylish, high quality products ~

Noonday Collection Products

  • AND Noonday gives back by supporting adopting families ~

This is where it gets personal and where Noonday has completely blown my mind with their generosity.  Noonday started as an adoption fund raiser, and even though it has grown into an incredibly large and successful company, it has stayed true to its roots and continues to support adoptions.  So, thanks to their amazing ambassador program;

  1. I can host trunk shows with 10-20% of the sales going to support friends and family's adoptions. *If you are interested in hosting a show, let me know, you can also earn some amazing products. (Long distance friends - we can even do virtual shows!!)

  2. AND we can direct 20% of purchases made through my Noonday site towards our adoption!!! Check out my page, save it to your bookmarks, and any time you feel like shopping, we would be honored and thrilled if you helped fund our adoption!

So, to celebrate all the awesomeness that is Noonday, we will be giving away the Lovely Loops Necklace~

Noonday Lovelyloops

In order to enter to win the Lovely Loops Necklace share this post on your Facebook page. If you don't have Facebook, you can enter by sharing the post via email to 10 of your friends, make sure you leave a comment below letting me know that you shared.

The winner will be drawn at random on Friday, the 21st!

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