Not Your Mama’s Cow head! Western icon gets a Caribbean infusion.

Handmade from recycled materials in Haiti: 3 Ways to Style
Handmade cow skull out of recycled cement bags from Haiti

La Jacmel - Handmade in Haiti, Paper Mâché Cow Head

Our friends over at Havenly asked us to share a few thoughts about a current favorite home decor item...absolutely!  The obvious choice for us was  “La Jacmel” – we just can't get enough of this piece.  It's like the well-dressed friend we all have that pushes the envelope with style, pulls it off with class, and gets compliments everywhere they go!  Well, now you can really, it's that cool. This beautiful piece is unique, trendy, and truly a work of art. Most importantly, like all Bought Beautifully products we love it for much more than its classy look - the inspirational story of hope, opportunity, and love each one represents is incredibly real for the maker behind the product. Speaking of, La Jacmels are handmade in the Hatitan beach town of Jacmel (hence the name) by local artisan Pierre Edgar Satyr.  Pierre partners with the Artisan Business Network in Haiti which seeks to "empower Haiti's artisan culture to improve community wellbeing". 

And looking at Pierre's work, you would never guess what material he uses to create them: RECYCLED CEMENT BAGS?!

What an incredible real life example of creating beauty from ashes (Isiah 61:3), by turning old cement bags into beautiful paper mache art.

Read on to see "La Jacmel" featured in three differently-styled homes and hear why each designer loves the look:



This piece is special to me because of the feelings of hope and purpose it evokes  (Ha! I know that sounds ironic considering it looks like a skull.) I was lucky enough to travel to Haiti earlier this year to meet several artisan partners and saw first hand the impact that dignified work has on the artisans' lives. When I see this piece I feel hope for the country of Haiti, and purpose in the work we do at Bought Beautifully, confidently knowing my purchase positively impacts Pierre's life and community in Haiti.
* * *
I love this piece for many reasons, it was given to me as farewell gift when I transitioned out of my recent job.  It is a friendly reminder of my time working with my talented colleagues.  I also love knowing that the purchase of this item impacts others in a positive way.
* * *
I like to come up with all sorts of ways to describe my style… Contemporary Belle Starr, Grandmamodern, Modern Grit, Playful Rancher….. hopefully you catch the theme, a little western, a little unique, a little cozy 70s and yet still classic. La Jacmel cow head has the perfect combination of this, with the colors, subtle patterns and materials, it is a modern twist to the standard old school skull. Its energetic and classic... without actually having a dead animal on my wall. Plus, I always like to collect a unique art from my adventures, and this being made from Haiti checks that box.
      * * *

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