Rahab's Rope: Pursuing people with relentless love

Rahab's Rope: Pursuing people with relentless love

Bought Beautifully is honored to partner with more than 40 artisan organizations around the globe who are being the hands and feet of Christ - living out His love without judgement or discrimination to meet real needs in their communities.

Transformative work

And, it is a collaborative effort in which WE ALL play a role. 

When you shop with us, every purchase you make helps write the next chapter of hope and opportunity for communities around the globe. 

Chapter 1...

Our Partner: Rahab's Rope

What they do: Rahab's Rope is an organization based in India with a mission to provide hope and opportunity to women and girls at risk or rescued from the commercial sex trade of India. They provide a safe place for survivors of sex trafficking to heal, learn, and thrive physical, mentally, and spiritually.

Lives transformed by love in action

Real impacts:  Rahab's Rope has been working since 2004 to eradicate sex trafficking in India. Since their inception over 3,500 women have graduated from their programs! AMAZING!

Where they serve: 4 distinct communities in India. 

  • Bangalore -  An aftercare shelter for women who have left prostitution. Here they provide basic education, vocational training, and teach skills to equip them to successfully re-enter their communities. Many women have come to know the love of Christ and have grown in both their spiritual and physical lives here.
  • Goa - Focusing on prevention. Here they work in an area where many young girls are not in school and young women have no education or marketable skills - putting them at hi-risk for human trafficking.  Both groups are at great risk so they provide education and vocational training to them, with the hope that these girls will never be forced into a life of prostitution.
  • Mumbai - Escape from the Red Light District.  Here they serve by entering a red light district five days a week to provide basic education, vocational training and to share hope of a brighter future and the love of Christ.  If anyone is ready to leave, Rahab's Rope is there to help them on the journey.  
  • Delhi - Aftercare for women who have left prostitution. Here they operate a facility that houses women who have chose to leave the sex industry and also provide vocational training at local training centers, guidance and counseling services.

lives impacted

LIVING OUT LOVE...the details :  

Rahab's Rope works to reveal God's love in a way that an individual can experience, understand, and respond.  Every woman in their care is first provided for emotionally, physically, and spiritually, then provided with basic education and training in vocational skills and eventually enabled to re-enter her community in a positive and contributing way with a brighter future.

Ultimately, Rahab's Rope exists to provide life-giving alternatives to sex work with a focus on restoring hope and purpose to the lives of women and children in India. Since its founding, their immediate and top priority has been focused on providing aftercare housing for victims of sex trafficking in India. However, as they have grown, so have their programs and holistic services. They have added a prevention program for young children and teenage girls as well as taking on direct intervention work in red light areas. These projects have their own unique objectives but are all in line with the vision and mission of Rahab's Rope - to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this world. 

Where YOU play a powerful role:

In 2018 your purchases made a real difference for Rahab's rope, strengthening programs that serve vulnerable women and children.  

two years of employment

How empowering is that?!  But guess what?  It's even better.  Here's the story that shows the true impact and significance for Rahab's Rope and two special women.  

Several year's ago, two young women - with histories of unimaginable sadness and pain - entered the Rahab's Rope vocation center with dreams and hopes of a brighter future. They wanted to attend college, get their degrees in education - and become teachers.  The staff at Rahab's Rope jumped into motion to help and support these girls in reaching for their dreams.  Together, these women received their GED's, entered college and graduated!!  While this was amazing news, they quickly found out that there weren't many job opportunities for them in their own region which meant they would have to travel to a bigger city to find employment, risking threats to and vulnerability in their newfound lives.

Guess what else? 

During this same time period, several mothers from the community approached Rahab's Rope asking if their children could stay at the center until they finished their work day - as the slums aren't a safe place for unattended children.  Before they knew it they had 12 children hanging out - they quickly realized the need and opportunity, Rahab's Rope decided to officially open an after school program. In the first year, 40 students enroll in the program AND remember those two young ladies?  They were hired as the first teachers to run it. 

All this to say that YOUR PURCHASES matter.  Oftentimes they matter even more than we can hope or imagine - providing life-saving employment, encouragement, and powerful programming that absolutely transforms lives.  When we say thank you for shopping beautifully...on behalf of our artisan partners...we sincerely mean it!

Want to help us make an even greater difference?

Share this story with someone who it might resonate with. 

Let's live a life of thoughtful significance AND action.  #LiveOutLove



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