Rethinking Easter - seeking traditions that give life

Rethinking Easter - seeking traditions that give life


Spring has sprung and Easter is right around the corner!  This is one of my favorite seasons and holidays for many reasons, but primarily the witnessing of new life.

This year we wanted to re-think Easter traditions to find ones that truly embody the spirit of Easter (sacrificial, life-giving, other-centered, etc.). 

We immediately thought of one of our partners, Holy Land Designs, who works in the Holy Land to love and care for their neighbors.  I knew we had to find a way to further support their work...So, over the next few days we will be partnering with a few bloggers and instagrammers to share ways to re-think Easter traditions and incorporate our hand-carved wooden eggs into your Easter celebrations!  First on the guest post is the lovely Theresa Miller ♥.

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What comes to your mind when you think of Easter? For some, the Easter bunny. For others, Christ’s resurrection. But for all of us, food on the table, family, and eggs seem to come to mind. In the Christian tradition, the egg symbolizes the empty tomb and the hope of new life. In all traditions, coloring eggs around Easter time has been commonplace. More recently, however, chocolate and plastic eggs filled with candy has widely replaced the prominent dyed egg. In our home, all that candy can be a bit distracting for our four children. Although they love the candy, the distraction reminds me of Christmas, where the excitement of Santa swooping over our house delivering presents competes with the true meaning of Christmas. No matter the spiritual conversation or religious events surrounding Easter, candy-filled eggs and bunnies seem to win hearts over the amazing truth of Christ’s coming and resurrection.


Ethical Easter Eggs

But what if we re-thought the Easter traditions we are creating? What if we took the symbolism of the egg to a new level? A beautiful, impactful one, drawing on the meaning of Easter rather than distracting from it.

Journey with me for a moment to the hills of Gilead in the Holy Land where Olive trees grow less than 50 miles from the Mount of Olives. Here, at Holy Land Designs, eggs are made of aged wood taken from Olive trees that have been cut down due to a lack of fruit production, therefore, providing the best quality olive wood while preserving the in-tact trees. Every egg is individually handmade to perfection. Once purchased, the eggs journey back to your family where you simply or artistically paint each egg or incorporate them into your Easter Decor.


Ethical Easter Decor   The handcrafted material, which you can personally paint, is just part of what make them so special.

It’s the stories behind these Easter eggs, however, that make them so impactful.

The hand that craft these eggs also use their hands to communicate.  Twenty employees, all deaf, disabled and/or disadvantaged, are providing for their families in a land plagued by unemployment. Purchasing one egg provides enough income for them to buy a chicken to feed their families, pay for school supplies for their children or meet some other essential need.  



Rihab is one of three deaf sisters in her family. Due to her disability, she was never able to go to school or even learn sign language. She came to Holy Land Designs seeking work when her father became disabled and was no longer able to provide for the family. As a result of her time at Holy Land Designs, Rihab now speaks sign language, knows basic reading and writing, is able to count money and can communicate with her hearing son!

She and one of her deaf sisters have transitioned from being liabilities on their family to becoming providers for them!

These are the types of organizations that Bought Beautifully champions and partners with: organizations, ministries and individuals around the globe who are living out God’s call to love.  We bring their products to a larger marketplace so that you can more easily make a purposeful and impactful purchase.

Bought Beautifully believes every person was created in God’s image and, given the right circumstances and opportunity, has the ability to thrive.

This is exactly what we’re witnessing at Holy Land Designs and you can join the story by engaging in the work God is doing around the globe through your purchase of one egg–or one egg for each family member! These eggs you will save, collect and hide or display each year as a new Easter tradition. So when you think of Easter and your children searching for their eggs or those eggs beautifully resting in a bowl for display at the center of your family banquet table, you will be reminded of another family across the globe also eating and thriving because of your generous purchase.

Wooden Eggs

If we spend our money in ways that align with our faith, the impact would be immeasurable. (See Ephesians 3:20)

In 2016, Bought Beautifully sales provided over 4,100 days of employment around the globe.

Will you partner with us in changing the world for good?

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Theresa is a wife and homeschooling mama of four children.  She is passionate about family, writing, and ministry that encourages women in this generation. Theresa has been published in MOPS International, MOMSnext e-zine and other on-line publications. Theresa authors Heavenly Glimpses blog, where she captures the heart of Christ through glimpses into the life of her children, marriage, and a writer unfolding.

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