Summer Bucketlist (free printable)

Summer Bucketlist (free printable)


Summer is almost here!  One of our goals is to take advantage of these precious summer moments, all the fun activities and the opportunities to love others that abound in this season - we have found that the best way for our family to actually do that is sit down as a family and fill out our summer bucket list! 

Join us - Print your free bucket list here

But it isn't just about us and what

we want to do...

When we look at our life and the things we want prioritize, serving others is top on that list, but it doesn't always make it on our daily to-do-list.  To help us be more intentional and to make serving a fun family activity we started adding "to do for others" to our seasonal bucket list.


It is a fun way to get the kids involved in, thinking about, and motivated to serve. I have loved seeing what they come up -  sweet things like, "let's say nice things to people when we see them" Simple and totally doable - but also really good for them to practice being intentional in this way! 

Summer Bucketlist

Not sure what to do?

Here is a list of 40 of our ideas to get you started!  Check out our pinterest board for recipes, ideas and more! You can also see what our family filled in above. 

Summer to do:

1. Make s'mores

2. Ride bikes 

3. Have a picnic (or 10) outside

4. Plant a garden ---> water the garden ---- > harvest the garden

5. Hang upside down on the monkey bars for as long as you can

6. Build a fort outside

7. Nature scavenger hunt - there are so many easy ones on pinterest

8. Jump off a dock into a Lake

9. Read books in a hammock 

10. Lay on a blanket and star gaze 

11. Learn a new constellation

11. Have an ice cream sundae party

12. Build a bonfire

13. Float in an inner tube

14. Make root beer floats

15. Build a fairy garden

16. Go rollerblading or skating

17. Go fishing

18. Build a sand castle

19. Go to an outdoor concert

20. Make homemade ice cream

21. Go berry picking

22. Make jam

23. Go to a baseball game

24. Watch the clouds go by

25. Sleep in a tent

26. Go to a waterpark

27. Dance in the rain

28. Go on a family hike

29. Make homemade lemonade - We love this recipe made with honey

30. Blow + make + play with bubbles - Pinterest has so many things you can do with bubbles


To do for others:

1. Mow the neighbors lawn

2. Share homegrown or farmers market produce 

3. Invite a friend who might be lonely to ice cream

4. Leave happy chalk art messages on people's driveways - check out this page for inspiration

5. Play catch with someone older or younger than you

6. Pick flowers and leave them on someone's door step

7. Put coins in someones parking meter

8. Host a free neighborhood car wash

9. Bring ice cold drinks or popsicles to workers working in the heat of the day

10. Organize a neighborhood or park trash pick up

11. Sign up for the Frontline Kindness Challenge  with our Partner Preemptive Love


Frontline Challenge

JOIN US - We are super excited about this challenge: Each week, they will send one small practical step to diffuse conflict, reduce the distance, and show kindness to someone we might not normally engage with! Sign up here.


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Summer Bucketlist - to do AND to do for others!





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